Food Trends 2018 and New Years Eve Wishes

Looking back at the year 2018, as people do this time of year, I had a little look at the predicted food trends. Most of these were quite confusing, I must have missed all of them. They mentioned floral flavours and mushroom superfood, rosé chocolate and making a taco out of everything. Did you notice any of these? When I think of food trends of the year I mainly remember unicorns, rainbows, mermaids, matcha, buddha bowls and putting avocado or pink Himalayan salt on desserts. There may have been some unicorn cupcakes and avocado spinach gazpacho on this blog, but other than that it was very little trendy.

Honestly what is the point in making something everyone else is already making? Did we really need hundreds of takes on rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches? What did you think of the food trends this year? What do you think will be trending next year? Hopefully the smart cooking trend will grow so we create less waste, which seems a lot more useful and resourceful than colourful cheese. There will probably be some totally weird ones such as dessert burritos or churro donuts. Sorry, that last one was me. Here are a few of my favourite food experiments this year, maybe you have missed some of them.

Looking back I would like to take a moment to everybody who has subscribed and read this blog. Experimenting with new recipes and writing these blog posts is a lot of fun and it brings me a lot of joy when you like them as well. So thank you very much. I wish you a very happy new year, have fun and get home safe.


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