Speculoos Mascarpone Mousse – Dessert with Minimal Effort

This delicious speculoos mascarpone mousse is an easy dessert that requires no cooking and minimal time effort, making it a great recipe for the busy holidays. Speculoos is a great winter or even Christmas flavour. The mousse is light and smooth yet decadent thanks to the mascarpone. Layering a speculoos crumble in between the mousse gives it great texture, but make sure to keep it light as they are very dry.

So Christmas is over for most people and I hope you all had lovely holidays. I’m Spanish so Christmas to me lasts until January 6th when Three King’s Day is celebrated, which means I already bought reduced Christmas decorations and ornaments that I can display until then. Therefore I can also keep making Christmassy desserts. This recipe I came up with on Christmas Eve when I didn’t know what to make and turned out to be a great hit. My mother is convinced it should be put in a cookbook and I should not share it on the internet which is probably the highest compliment a recipe can receive. With New Year’s right around the corner people are still attending parties and might need something easy and quick to bring, so I figured I’d share it anyway just in case. A little goes a long way especially when you have just had a huge dinner so I recommend using small glasses. If you want to leave very light you should skip the speculoos crumble or have a very light hand with it (less than in the photos), as they are very dry. The mousse is flavourful and delicious without being overly sweet or spicy, which makes it a great dessert for this time of year.

Speculoos Mascarpone Mousse

• 200-250 gr mascarpone
• 5 Tbl fine caster sugar
• 1 tsp speculoos spice (here)
• 3 tbl speculoos cookie butter
• 200 ml cream
• 1 tsp cornstarch
• 2 tsp powdered sugar
• 150 gr speculoos biscuits (garnish or crumble)

1. In a bowl mix the mascarpone cream cheese, sugar, speculoos spice and speculoos cookie butter until smooth.
2. Whip up the cream until foamy then add the cornstarch and powdered sugar to the cream, this will stabilise the cream. Whip the cream up to stiff peaks.
3. Add the mascarpone mixture a third at a time whipping a few seconds in between to make sure it is well incorporated.
4. Spoon the mixture into glasses or ramekins either layering some speculoos crumble in between or just garnishing the dessert with a biscuit. Chill the dessert in the fridge until it is time to serve.


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