Christmas Granola with Pistachios and Cranberries

Granola is the best thing ever; right? It is delicious and nutritious. Is there a simpler and better breakfast item? I don’t think so. Unfortunately the store-bought kind always has raisins. Why do you have to disgrace grapes? They look so unappetizing, like a dead beetle (or something I’d rather not mention). I hope you will enjoy your next bowl of dead beetles. There is one kind of granola that does not have raisins in it, but that coconut granola tastes like diabetes in a bowl.

All things considered I had to start making my own granola. I use a very basic recipe and just vary it a little bit every time. Sometimes I add some chopped almonds or hazelnuts. Sometimes I replace the coconut oil with homemade peanut butter. One of these days I’ll try to make some Chai Granola.


For this time of year I wanted to make something a little special, because some healthy ingredients aren’t super cheap. This Christmas Granola with pistachios and dried cranberries, a little something green and red, is really delicious. It is not super sweet, but you could always add a little more honey/agave/maple syrup. It would also make a cute little Christmas present, in a mason jar or a Christmas pastry bag with a bow or some ribbon, that is if you don’t eat it all by yourself. I’ll admit that I’ve had granola for dinner before.


Christmas Granola with Pistachios and Cranberries (pdf download)


5 cups Rolled Oats

1 cup crushed Pistachios

1 cup desiccated coconut

1/2 cup of sunflower seeds

1/2 cup of chia seeds

Dash of salt

Nutmeg to taste

1 Tsp. Vanilla extract

2/3 cup Honey/Agave/Maple syrup

2/3 cup coconut oil

1 cup dried Cranberries or dried cherries


1. Mix all dry ingredients in a big bowl.

2. Put the coconut oil and honey in a bowl and microwave until liquid on medium.

3. Pour the wet ingredients and vanilla extract into the dry ingredients and mix very well until everything is wet.

4. Preheat the oven to 150°C.

5. Distribute the granola evenly onto two lined baking sheets and spread it out.

6. Toast the granola in the oven until golden, stirring it every once in a while to make sure everything gets toasted.

7. Once cooled down, store in an airtight container and enjoy.

This recipe is really easy and delicious. My grey December mornings just got a little better, though today it is a very snowy day. Serve the granola with some milk, greek yogurt or a delicious smoothie bowl. What is your favourite way to start the day? Do you have any great granola recipes? I wish you a great second Sunday in Advent.

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