Welcome to this little foodie safe haven and thank you for visiting this site, as I know that there are billions out there. On this blog give you original recipes and step by step instructions with some food or culture related information as a side. I try to bring you new recipes twice a week, sometimes they are very simple and quick and sometimes they are a little more elaborate. I try to make the recipes as easy and versatle as possible, nothing is worse than eating the same few dishes over and over again. Wherever I can I will give you ways to make the recipes work with your dietary restrictions, vegetarian or vegan variations. Sometimes I also like to try recipes already on the internet and give you some advice how to improve or facilitate them. Anybody can cook if you follow my easy instructons, good food does not have to be difficult. Hopefully you will join me and help me explore all things food, from delicious savoury dishes to wonderful cakes. Follow me on Instagram for the latest experiments and recipes.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Heart-shaped Sweet Rolls for Valentine’s Day